Banking cord blood? Utilize that unique opportunity

Cord blood storage is the logical choice for the parents of today. Stem cells are already used in healing and/or treatment of more than 72 different diseases, disorders and cosmetic treatments (burns, etc.). Developments are at a fast pace. The irreplaceable stem cells in cord blood are available at time of birth without any risk for mother or child. Collection is easy with our special collection kit.

How important is banking stem cells?

There is only 1 option for a 100% match and that is banking stem cells from your childs own cord blood. In the Western world the chance to find a suitable match is 1 in 55.000. A brother or sister match is 1 in 4. If parents are from mixed origin the chance of a match can be as little as 1 in a 1.000.000. Receiving donor stem cells is not without risk. With a suitable match there is a 50% mortality rate, with an excellent match the mortality rate is 20%. Even if a match is found the receipient must take medication against the graft versus host reaction. With the childs own stem cells these risk are not there. Think about banking your childs stem cells it is an important decision to make.

The choice of the appropriate stem cell bank is very important. Stem Cell Bank Netherlands Foundation is a non-profit organization and fully certified by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport certified. Stem Cell Bank Netherlands works according to the NETCORD protocol, the international standard for processing and storage of cord blood stem cells. Qualifying as an Organ Bank in the Netherlands increases the standard even further. Our all-in fee of € 296,50 and our annual storage fee of  € 121,-- makes storing the stem cells from the umbilical cord blood affordable for most parents.

Many famous Dutch persons have already chosen Stem Cell Bank Netherlands including f.i.: Bridget Maasland , Nicolette van Dam and Robine van der Meer Mark van der Loo 

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