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Saving your child's cord blood is a unique opportunity


After fertilization, an embryo consists exclusively of stem cells used in the construction of your child and the placenta (see video). At birth a large number of these original stem cells remain unused in the placenta.

These original building blocks of your child are therefore still available in the umbilical cord and placenta and can be collected easily with our collection kit without any risk for mother or child. 

In the past we all unknowingly discarded the placenta, including those irreplaceable stem cells. Now we are aware of the enormous potential of stem cells and the possibility is available to collect process and store these cells you have the choice available to you to seize this opportunity. Our foundation made banking affordable for most parents. Check our pricing to see how affordable.

Why are the stem cells from your child so valuable?

Stem cells are used for the treatment of more than 72 conditions and /or cosmetic treatments (f.e. burns etc.)  (See our Facebook page) The research of the applicability of stem cells is in full swing and we keep our Facebook page updated.

Worldwide studies lead to very startling results. Until recently it was in many cases necessary with malignant blood diseases to rely on finding a bone marrow donor. The chance of finding the right "match" is only 1 in 40,000 (and even higher for people of Asian or Arab origin). Even after a successful bone marrow transplantation (see video explanation) with a "good" match the rejection rate is still 50%. It is of utmost importance to store the umbilical cord stem cells. These cells are just too valuable to discard.

Using your own stem cells (autologous) when applicable is the best chance for a successful recovery. A natural substitute 

The unique opportunity to be able to collect and store the stem cells of your child is a onetime opportunity. It is important to read about the possibilities to make the right decision. Extracting the cord blood from the placenta is easy. The attending mid-wife or professional can do that without any risk for mother or child. After we receive the cord blood in our laboratory the often significant number of available stem cells can be extracted and stored for future use. As this option is only available at time of birth it is important you read all you can about the possibility before and make your decision in time. After ordering a collection kit online it can take 2-3 work days before you receive it. If the birth is imminent it is better to call and ask for the collection kit. It saves time. Every year the number of parents around the world that choose to have the umbilical cord stem cells stored increases and for good reasons.




When and how are these cells collected?

At time of birth without any risk for mother or child the cord blood can be collected from the placenta. The attending mid-wife or professional can do that for you. We recommend a significant amount of cord blood. The blood bag can hold up to 250 cc but normally approx. 120 to 130 cc can be collected. We recommend collecting as much as possible.

The collection kit that you receive after enrolling either through our online enrollment form or after ordering it by phone with one of our specialists is necessary. You can order the collection kit free of charge. .

The blood bag available in the collection kit has been fitted with an anti-coagulant (heparin) thereby preventing clotting of the blood.

The procedure takes no more than 5 minutes and is pain-and risk for both mother and child.

The collection kit holds all necessary documentation for you and the midwife / professional. After collecting the cord blood it is important to pack the material correctly for transport (see gallery)



Where and how are these stem cells stored?

Once the umbilical cord blood has been collected call the number on the box or for Int. customers call: +31 33 4658222, we will take it from there. A courier will collect the box which can be at home or at the facility. Always try to put the box at the reception of the institution where you gave birth to make the pick-up as easy as possible.

Our laboratory is located in Leusden, the Netherlands. The package will be transported to Amsterdam the same day. Our laboratory meets the highest European standards and is in addition officially accredited the status "Organ Bank" (A stem cell is an organ) by the Dutch Ministry of Health. Our laboratory is specialized in processing and handling stem cells and is highly experienced.

After the stem cells are extracted from the umbilical cord blood, they are "counted" and assessed for quality and vitality.

Normally the maternal blood is tested for infectious diseases such as syphilis, Hepatitis B and HIV during pregnancy. It is important to include a copy of that test in the documentation you sent us. This in connection with the safe storage in the laboratory and International regulations.

After processing the stem cells are individually packed in an aluminum cassette and brought to a temperature of approx. - 170 degrees. This protocolled process meets the highest standards in cryo preservation.

In special containers with a temperature around -190 degrees Celsius the stem cells are stored in a 24/7 controlled and monitored environment. Each cassette has its own barcode and specific position. Secure and safe.