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The banking procedure step by step

Step 1

The first step is ordering the special collection kit that you need at time of birth to safely collect the cord blood. In the kit is everything the attending mid-wife or professional needs to collect the cord blood from the placenta. The collection kit can be ordered by telephone: +31 33 4658222 or by filling in the online order form. For more information about the kit click here  




Step 2

Read the information in the collection kit and fill in as much as you can during pregnancy. Inform you mid-wife or the attending professional before that you want to collect the cord blood. The partner is normally the one that makes sure it is not forgotten at that special moment but better to be sure

Step 3

After the cord blood is successfully collected please follow the instructions how to pack the precious blood (see picture flow chart) and dial our number for International customers  +31 33 4658222

Step 4

After the kit arrives at our laboratory the cord blood is processed and the stem cells are isolated.  We use Biosafe technology to process the cord blood and we use preservation fluids from BD to protect the valuable stem cells from the effects of the protocolled freezing procedure.


Step 5

The isolated stem cells are packed in a special pall bag and placed individually in a specially designed aluminum cassette. The barcode system starts in the collection kit where stickers with your unique barcodes are used. 

Step 6

The protocolled freezing procedure brings the temperature of the stem cells in approx. one hour down to -170 degrees. After the process is finished the stem cells are placed in a temporary storage container

Step 7

The individual aluminum cassette is transported to the long-term storage facility and placed in a designated position in one of our specially designed storage containers.   

Step 8

The stem cells are secured in a 24/7 controlled environment.